Saving is everyone’s goal. Coupon codes, also known as discount codes, are one way to save money while shopping online. That said, it is however tiresome looking for the correct coupon codes across magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Why coupon codes?

Coupon codes encourage online shopping by providing incentives such as free delivery. Moreover, the codes will save you some money on your cart value. Consumers save billions of dollars in annual expenditure as a result of coupon offers.

Where to find the coupons

You might wonder where to get the coupons we’re talking about. Worry no more. Some retailers provide coupon codes on their sites as additional incentives for shoppers. Coupon codes are spread all over the web and some websites and apps are dedicated to providing them. The sites and apps are diverse in such a way that some offer specialized couponing for various niche markets.

Best Sites to find Online Coupon Codes



This site features retail deals that will enhance boost your savings across the United Kingdom. However, HotUkdeals does not feature coupons uploaded by the retailers themselves. What’s interesting is that it’s updated by the general public, and those who have signed up. This feature is important as it promotes transparency and legitimacy.

The coupons are available for various products such as electronics and household items. This site has a social feature which is very useful. Online users are able to add comments and as a result, you can gauge the success of the coupons listed. Additionally, the comments increase savings in that you learn about new deals with better terms.

The voting aspect also increases the transparency of the hot daily deals. Besides, this site is also augmented by the mobile app, both Android and iOS. The apps increase the accessibility of the site.


When you spend over $25 for the first time, you get a $10 welcome bonus. Ebates offers cash-back couponing and is one of the best cashback sites.

You receive up to 10% cash back of your total savings by using the links provided on the Ebates website. It’s more advantageous considering that its partners include large retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.


RetailMeNot is one of the biggest coupon apps. This site has an upper hand in that it’s accessible via both the web and a mobile app. This site has coupons from about 50,000 stores which is incredibly amazing. What's more, the site highlights hot coupons from retailers. The site not only offers promos for online purchases but also in-store.

The search option will provide you with the best deals. It’s important to note that the site lets you view some useful data such as coupons issued and their average savings. A comment section is a useful tool for you. Ideally, it makes you weigh the success rate of the promotions and thus you make an informed decision. is a global site offering coupons. There are factually thousands of coupons for UK top retailers. The deals are spread across different products like cosmetics, groceries, and clothes. The good thing with is that you input your zip code and it will automatically filter the deals in your area.

This site gives you a variety of ways to save if you use the mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android. Here, you can push coupons to your account, and you redeem them in stores with loyalty cards.

Coupons Follow

Unlike the other coupon sites, CouponFollow is outstanding. This is attributed to the fact that it provides all sorts of coupons, including from small businesses. This site also allows its users to track coupon codes via Twitter.

More than $400 million has been saved on Coupon follow since its inception. Furthermore, more than 2 million coupon codes have been issued by the site. Coupon follow has also integrated its website with a browser extension. This allows for automated coupons during checkout. When checking out, Cently - the browser extension allows you to try all collected coupon codes with just a single click

Many people are using online coupon codes to earn big savings as they shop from the comfort of their homes, on-the-go, or offices. Nothing says that you too cannot join the ranks of these savvy shoppers today.