Most individuals have personal water bottles that are handy and almost indispensable.   When buying a water bottle, you’ll find out that there are hundreds of models and types, with different features and prices. Sure, any old bottle can do – but if you can spare a few pounds, you can get water bottles of your choice.

For campers and excursionists: LifeSaver liberty bottle

This is suitable if you are looking for an outdoors-focused bottle. The LifeSaver liberty bottle can be used for everyday things, as all can, but it was clearly designed (and priced) for the outdoors enthusiast.

This is a water bottle with a filter that allows you to sip the privilege of drinking purified water. In here, you can store 400ml of water, and you do not have to worry about dirt or bacteria in it.

More importantly, it also comes with a water hose that allows you to draw water straight from the source and filter it into other containers, in case you have several bottles to fill.

When you are going outdoors or probably camping during the summer, this water bottle can be of use. You will be confident to get water from almost anywhere and be confident that you have a filtering device.

At £89.99, the LifeSaver is quite expensive but well worth it investment for the outdoors types.

The Lakeland infuser bottle

This option comes along with a unique feature because somehow, infusing water with fruit has become fashionable.

This bottle is simple in design, but it does the job just right. You can fill it up with water and have some fruit of your choice in the inner chamber and leave it to infuse. When you drink, a filter between the inner chamber and the outside keeps the fruit pieces in, while letting the water out.

It’s basic, it’s simple, it does what it says on the instruction label. Also, it’s quite cheap – pay only £5.99 and you will have this custom water bottle for your use.

Corkcicle canteen classic water bottle

This water bottle brand is for those who care a lot about water temperature. While the name says “classic,” the only classic thing about this bottle is its looks – for it does look a lot like a cocktail mixer.

This little stainless-steel bottle allows you to keep up to 500ml of any liquid cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 hours- thanks to its triple insulation system. It’s also quite sturdy, easy to clean, and comes in several colors.

Thermos Hydration Bottle with Straw

Last is the most basic one. The Thermos Hydration Bottle is cheap, at £6.99, and for that price it delivers… well, exactly what its name says.

A bottle with a built-in straw that allows you to sip water. That’s not a bad thing, by the way – while many products have all the bells and whistles, sometimes people just want a bottle to carry water in. And this one is it.

It’s not just some flimsy plastic bottle, by the way. This Thermos bottle is actually quite sturdy and can stand being dropped or handled roughly. It is also easy to clean and store when not in use.

Since these water bottle brands do different things for different people, it is clear that there is no one-size-fits-all here. Pick your choice and enjoy the convenience that comes along with it.