With Easter just around the corner and the first spring flower poking through the ground with their vibrant colours to let us know that spring is finally here. It is a great time to bring some of that cheer and rebirth into our homes. Here are some gorgeous spring & Easter flower arrangements to help inspire you with decorating your home this Easter.

Bright Orange Tulips

When you think of spring flowers tulips are usually at the top of the list. This spring flower arrangement uses contrasting colours to make a stunning visual of bright orange, yellow and green against a  pure white ceramic jug vase.  This arrangement brings life, cheerfulness, and rejuvenates any room they are placed in.orange tulips white vase

White Easter Lilies

For a more traditional Easter floral arrangement white Easter Lilies is what to get.  This one below combines white lilies with white roses which is a more formal look.  Also with lilies they do have a stronger fragrance so they not only brighten up your home but they also give it a fresh floral scent as well.

Modern Easter Flower Arrangement

This modern Easter flower arrangement combines spring tulips and painted Easter eggs to create a cheerful floral arrangement focusing on more modern Easter themes like the Easter Bunny.  It is nice looking and you can paint the eggs yourself or with the kids and get them involved with a fun Easter craft.

Yellow Daffodil & Narcissus

This bright yellow spring flower arrangement uses yellow daffodil and narcissus in a rustic metal bucket to make a flower arrangement that looks like a beautiful spring flowers cut from a country garden and arranged in an old metal bucket. The contrast of bright yellow flowers and a metal bucket makes this the perfect arrangement if you're going for a more country relaxed style.

Tulips and Carrots

This fun Easter flower arrangement is a dream come true for the Easter Bunny. All a bunny could want for a nice snack on a busy night. Spring flowers and fresh cut carrots. This is another great idea that can be put together with the kids. It is a fun and unique flower arrangement that is a definite conversation starter.


If all white lilies is a little too formal for you or a little too, well, white but you still want flowers that are traditional Easter flowers this is a great option. Lilies comes in so many different colors and shapes you can build gorgeous Easter flower arrangements by mixing different colours and sizes. Using a nice crystal vase to hold them in to see their green stems also adds in a layer of elegance and beauty to this flower arrangement.
pink and white lilies

Tulips and Easter Chicks

This is another modern Easter flower arrangement combining spring pink, orange, and yellow tulips with an Easter basket full of chocolate baby chicks and bunnies.

Tulip Basket

You may be noticing that tulips are used quite often in these spring flower arrangements. They make one of the best Easter flowers combining a nice strong structure with vibrant flowers and bright green leaves. They bring instant eye candy to any arrangement you want to create around Easter.

Lilies, Roses and Gerber Daisies

Another take on Easter flower arrangements is to use traditional lily flowers but combine them with other flowers to make an arrangement that is full of bright colours and looks to be busting out of the vase.

Other Easter Flower Arrangements

Well I think you get the idea now when it comes to spring and Easter flower arrangements. Use combinations of Lily, Tulip, Daffodil, Daisey, and Roses in different colours to make some truly stunning flower displays. To provide some more inspiration here are five more arrangements we really liked that we hope may inspire your spring and Easter flower arrangements.

Tulips in Country Metal Can

Red Tulips with white Accent Flowers

Pink Tulips with a pink bow

Tulips Laying on Table with Easter Eggs

Tulips and Roses

We hope you enjoyed this list and found some inspiration in these arrangements for your Easter flower arrangements this spring. Happy Easter!