After a long, hard day at work or looking after the kids, the greatest feeling in the world is kicking off your shoes and relaxing in front of the TV at home. However, with the wrong type of flooring for your home, kicking off your shoes might not be an option. Here are some great flooring options for your home as well as the pros and cons of each flooring type.

Laminate flooring

A wonderfully versatile type of flooring, laminate flooring is both stylish and practical. As it can be easily cleaned due to its smooth finish, it is a great choice of flooring for any busy, fast-paced home.

Laminate flooring is available in a spectrum of colors - including white marbled patterns, dark oak patterns, slate patterns, stone patterns and many other designs. For this reason, you don't have to struggle to choose the right pattern of laminate flooring to suit you and your home.

A very fuss-free type of flooring, laminate flooring can be easily fitted into almost any type of room, no matter how unique its shape! If you want simple and very stylish flooring that you can easily clean as necessary, laminate flooring is the absolutely perfect material for you!

Hardwood flooring

A beautifully traditional type of flooring, hardwood flooring is very stylish as well as durable and long-lasting. Wonderfully luxurious as well as quite versatile in its shape, hardwood flooring is available in large, medium and thin planks, so it can fit into quite a few different types of rooms.

The thickness of the planks includes the measurements of 10mm, 15 mm, 18mm and 20mm; in fact, they can reach up to 22mm and sometimes even thicker.

Able to be oiled, brushed, lacquered or unfinished, hardwood flooring comes in so many different types that there will always be a combination of material and finish that is just right for you and your home.

Hardwood flooring is also available in a variety of woods ranging from traditional oak, mahogany and ash to less traditional teak, ash and acacia, so this flooring can easily match any interior aesthetic.

modern flooring

Ceramic tile flooring

Known for their ability to fit into any type of uniquely-shaped room, ceramic tiles can serve as flooring for many bathrooms, kitchens and foyers as well as any other room that is often an epicenter for muddy or messy spaces. Able to be easily wiped clean, ceramic flooring is water-resistant when glazed. Hence, ceramic flooring is resistant to most stains, making it apt for a busy household.

Ceramic tiles also provide an incredibly durable material from which to make flooring. When correctly installed and glazed, ceramic tiles can last hundreds of years if maintained well. Though extremely difficult to crack, ceramic tiles do crack as a result of a severe impact. Fortunately, single ceramic tiles are very easy to replace, so they are inexpensive to repair compared to some other types of flooring.

Available in various colors and shapes, ceramic tile flooring can be a centerpiece of your room, as you can make often very intricate designs by interlocking tiles of different shapes and colors.

Vinyl plank flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is often seen as a cheap and readily available alternative to hardwood flooring. As it can achieve the traditionally stunning look of hardwood flooring at half the cost, vinyl plank flooring is a stylish material capable of mimicking the wood grains of real wooden floor planks.

As vinyl plank flooring can be easily cleaned, it can provide a hectic household with flooring that is protective and affordable in the long term. Available in numerous wood patterns including oak, teak, ash, mahogany and many more, vinyl plank flooring can fit into any indoor aesthetic seamlessly.