Companies strive to make their brands visible as they develop new products. Samsung has successfully achieved this by dictating the direction of the smartphone market around the globe.

Recent industry reports place Samsung as the leading brand in the smartphone world with a 20% market share. That alone gives a clue on the quality of the devices they make. We’ll focus on the best among the recently launched phones from the house of Samsung otherwise, we will run out of space here.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus: Top notch

What’s the hype surrounding the phone

As of now, this is the phone that is leading the pack for Samsung. It is packed with a trio-rear-camera; Duo 12MP Camera and a 16MP camera, incredible QHD 6.4-inch display and an excellent battery of 4100mAh.

The three cameras make it superb when it comes to taking photos. With these telephoto lenses, it is possible to record a smooth 4K video, thanks to the OIS and EIS combinations.
Furthermore, a resolution of 1440 x 3040 is incredibly remarkable. For this reason, you are assured of increased time on the phone without charging woes. It has more than 4.5/5 rating on Tech Advisor.

● OS: Android 9 Pie
● Processor: Snapdragon 855/ Exynos 9820
● RAM: 8/12GB
● Internal Storage: 128gb/512gb/1tb
● Weight: 175g

● Triple camera
● Headphone jack
● Outstanding display
● More power

● A huge display
● A bit slippery

Should you ever look back?

It's a big leap from the phone's predecessor, especially on the design part. The bezels which made headlines last year were ditched and a punch-hole camera included. The fingerprint sensor has also been moved to the front side (onscreen) during the redesigning making it more ideal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: huge battery, productivity machine, and a big screen

Is the phone worth it?

The note series is mostly suited for the large screen enthusiasts. Though the Galaxy Note 9 is expensive, it offers value for your money. Battery life is one of the things which cannot be overlooked while buying any smartphone. 4000mAh offers you more than one day without recharge under normal usage and light gaming.


● Improved battery
● Cool display


● Expensive


● OS: Android 9 Pie
● RAM: 6/8GB
● Internal Storage: 128/512GB
● Processor: Exynos 9810/Snapdragon 845

Does Galaxy Note 9 walk the talk?

You cannot talk about a Galaxy Note without mentioning the Stylus which dates back to Galaxy Note 2. The stylus comes re-imagined, does not require a charge and most perversely, you can use it to take selfies remotely.

It is no longer a stylus, it’s a magical wand. Liquid cooling sounds cool? It is one of the things you will love about the Note 9. With such cooling, you can handle a handful of the most demanding mobile games smoothly.

It’s also hard to talk about a Samsung phone without touching on the camera. Equipped with a dual 12MP rear-camera and an 8MP front-camera, it'll definitely take some of the best shots when needed. The camera outperforms the phone's competitors making it notable.

Samsung Galaxy Fold: The pacesetter

What’s new with this flagship?

It’s beyond doubt that you have encountered the term foldable phone in 2019. Just like the name itself, the phone itself is foldable. The phone has already been sent to reviewers around the globe.

Many Samsung enthusiasts see some features here that are reimagined from the Galaxy S10e. beyond that we can look a bit closer at the new phone.

● Offers value for money
● Best tech
● New technology – folding display

● Very expensive


● OS: Android 9
● Processor: Snapdragon 855
● Internal Memory: 512GB
● RAM: 12GB

The phone that will do wonders

The galaxy fold has a resolution of 1536x2152 pixels which is more than sufficient to view 4k videos. Due to the folding display, the overall screen size is huge at 7.3 inches. This allows for wide viewing angles and plenty of workspace on the phone.

A 4380mAh battery capacity is sufficient to handle the insane power of this beast without glitches. This will give you memories of the Galaxy S10 in a flash.

Lastly, the Camera is also great with a triple (12MP + 12mp +16MP) camera on the back and dual 10MP + 8MP front camera.

Samsung rolls out many flagship smartphones every now and then. In this context, you will find other variants with amazing specs such as the Galaxy S10e, whose main purpose is to augment the taste of original smartphones, a marketplace trick used by Samsung.