Apple has unveiled its new iPhone line up for 2019. Now you can pre-order the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and the iPhone 11.

The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are the most powerful iPhones ever and have been fitted with the latest tech offered from Apple. The upgrades to the Pro series phones are its triple-camera arrays, an all-new Super Retina RDX display, Apples Latest chip the A13 Bionic CPU, and a matte stainless steel construction.

The lower cost iPhone 11 has a new design as well with a new camera setup that has 12MP wide and ultra-wide lenses, a reworked frame made of aluminum and updated glass, and it comes in an array of funky new colors such as yellow, purple, and green.

Release Date & Pricing

The new iPhones will be available for pre-order across the UK starting on September 13th with shipping to begin on September 20th. Unlike the extended pre-order times for the recent Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phones Apple gets down to business with a nice short pre-order window.

To pick up one of these new phones the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are available from £1,099 and £1,149 respectively. The regular iPhone 11 is available starting at £729.

As expected all the major networks across the UK are carrying the new phones.

02 iPhone 11 Pre-order Plans

O2 is offering a 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro on a 90GB data plan and a 36 month contract for £30 upfront and then £61.44 a month. You can get the same phone with an unlimited data plan for £70.44 a month.

If you want a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro Max that has the 6.5 inch screen on a 90GB monthly data plan and a 36 month contract it will cost you £64.21 a month with £30 upfront.

BT iPhone 11 Pre-order Plans

BT is offering 24 month contracts on its iPhone 11 line up. You can get a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro for £68 a month and £100 upfront. If you want a long more storage capacity in your iPhone 11 Pro you can pick up the 512GB version for £80 a month and £200 upfront.

To go with the larger screen on the iPhone 11 Pro Max it will cost you £73 a month and £100 upfront for the 64GB version and £80 a month and £270 upfront on the 512GB model.

The less expensive 64GB iPhone 11 is available for £55 a month and £30 upfront on a 24 month contract.

EE iPhone 11 Pre-order Details

From EE you can get a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro with an unlimited data plan for £84 a month and £10 Phone cost. From there EE offers a variety of plans with options such as upgrade anytime and Swappable Benefits at no extra cost.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max with an unlimited data plan is available from £89 a month and a £10 phone cost.

The Cameras On The iPhone 11 Pro Phones

On the Pro Series phones they come with a triple camera system with telephoto, wide, and ultra-wide lenses. The ultra-wide lens allows you to capture 4x more scene than the wide lens. Also to better compete with the Google Pixels low light photo capabilities, Apple has updated its camera software to include a night mode that allows you to capture images in drastically lower light than what was possible on any other iPhone.

To let you do more right on your iPhone the photo editing capabilities have been updated as well. You can now do more with editing both photos and video right on your phone. Combine that with a new battery system that keeps you going longer without a charge and you are just able to do more the iPhone 11 Pro for longer.


The iPhone 11 Pro phones comes with enhanced durability using matte finished stainless steel structural band and 3 dimensional glass cut from a single sheet and reinforced at the atomic level.

These phones are designed as water resistant to 4m and come with both a dust and water resistant finish.

Pre-order One

The iPhone 11’s are here with pre-ordering available starting on Sept 13, 2019 with the first shipments going out on Sept 20th.

Whether you are looking for the full iPhone 11 Pro functionality or for the more affordable iPhone 11 that is still a solid phone, the wireless networks across the UK have them ready for you to order today.