Well the stats are in and we have a list of the top selling cars in the UK for 2018. Even though 2018 wasn't a good year for new car sales in the UK with the overall new car market contracting by 6.8% in 2018 here is the list of the ten best selling cars in 2018.

10. The Kia Sportage

With 35,567 new cars sold in 2018 the Kia Sportage comes in 10th. The Sportage is popular with families as it is a practical choice that offers good quality at an affordable price. With a seven year, 100,000 mile warranty Kia stands behind its product. Also, the new Kia Sportage is a good looking car that fits today's family very well. Unfortunately for Kia this is their only entry in the top 10 best selling UK cars this year and the majority of their sales in the UK is solely on the back of the Sportage.

9. The Ford Kuga

With 40,398 new cars sold in 2018 the Ford Kuga comes in at 9th. With strong sales towards the end of the year the Kuga was able to jump past the Sportage in overall sales. The Kuga comes in four different models all available for under £30,000 with base Zetec model available for £23,060. This small SUV again fits family life very well and with a bit more room is able to accommodate a busy family. The Kuga is Ford's lowest ranked selling car in the top 10. Keep going to see Ford's other entries into the top ten.

8. The Mercedes-Benz A Class

With 43,527 new cars sold is 2018 the Mercedes-Benz A-Class comes in at 8th. This was the best selling premium family hatchback towards the end of 2018. The A-Class is the cheapest Mercedes-Benz on the market so it does generate some sales by offering of lower cost option to get a Mercedes-Benz, but this car does indeed feel like a true Mercedes-Benz. The newest version of the A-Class has more room in both the front and rear making it much more practical for families today. If you are looking for a well build car with some interior luxuries and fantastic built in tech this hatchback is a great option.
Mercedes-Benz A-Class

7. Mini Hatch

With 44,904 new cars sold in 2018 the Mini Hatch comes in at 7th. The Mini Hatch has been popular with new car buyers in the UK for years. The retro Mini Hatchback sales are down from 47,669 units sold in 2017, or 5.8% which is a bit better than the overall market drop seen in 2018. Going into the 2020 a new pure-electric version of the Mini Hatchback will come to the market. It will be interesting to see how this retro styled hatchback continues to evolve and innovate into the future.

6. Volkswagen Polo

With 45,149 new cars sold in 2018 the Volkswagen Polo comes in 6th barely topping the Mini Hatch. This is also up one spot from 2017 where the Polo was 7th but again edged the Mini Hatch by fewer than 300 units sold. Even though this is Volkswagen's cheaper and smaller option than the Golf this Polo looks great, is well built and fits the bill for many people across the UK. The 2018 Polo is a 3 cylinder turbo car available for £16,980 and is aimed at anyone that likes the Golf but would rather a bit smaller car. The turbo gives this car with its 3 cylinder engine a little bit of get-up and go.

5. The Ford Focus

With 50,492 new cars sold in 2018 the Ford Focus comes in at 5th. This is significantly down from the 69,903 units sold in 2017. A big factor in this was the relaunch of the Focus mid-year which hit some delays caused by tougher emissions tests. The expectation is that sales of the Focus will rebound in 2019. However, with ever increasing competition from small SUV's and crossovers it may be a tough battle for the Focus to regain top 3 status as it did in 2017. Again the Focus is a Family Hatchback that is fun to drive and more spacious than ever in the new 2019 model. Ford also continues to incorporate the latest tech into its vehicles and the 2019 Focus is no exception.

4. Nissan Qashqai

With 50,546 new cars solid in 2018 the Nissan Qashqai comes in at 4th as it did in 2017. However, sales in 2018 are down a whooping 14,000 until from 2017. This is can mostly be attributed to increased competition in the mid-sized SUV market in 2018. This mid-size SUV does well as it is a comfortable, affordable, spacious option that just works for family life today. The biggest concern for Nissan though in 2019 will be the ever increasing competition that continues to cut into the Qashqai's market share month over month.

3. The Vauxhall Corsa

Withe 52,915 units solid in 2018 the Vauxhall Corsa comes in at 3rd which is up from 5th last year. However, this once top selling car in the UK is again being beaten out by rival cars from Ford and Volkswagen. I wouldn't expect the Corsa to hold onto a top spot in 2019 though as it is facing increased competition and the newest version of the Corsa is going on sale at some point in late 2019. This late release may cause sales to drop on the current Corsa as buyers wait to see the next generation Corsa.

2. Volkswagen Golf

With 64,892 new cars sold in 2018 the Volkswagen Golf comes in second in 2018. This well built vehicle is the one of the UK's most popular new cars. With its efficient engines, class leading interior and many new features it is clear why this is. The new 2019 Golf is coming to the market later this year and the expectation is that it will be loaded with new technology. The Golf works very well for families and again the family friendly cars on the market are the best sellers. With the Ford Focus back selling without its emission issues it may be difficult for the Golf to hang onto second spot in 2019 but 2018 was a great year for the Golf.

1. The Ford Fiesta

Finally, with 95,892 new cars sold in 2018 the Ford Fiesta blows everyone else away to be the top selling car is the UK again. Even with a declining overall market the Ford Fiesta managed to increase its units sold in 2018. Up from 94,533 in 2017 it is clear to see that the Fiesta was the big winner this year in taking advantage of the Ford Focus' emission testing issues. Good for Ford that the sales stayed in the family. The Fiesta is a long time favourite in the UK and it continues to evolve and serve its market well. Ford has continued to increase the quality of its vehicles and the Fiesta is a clear example of that. Showing the continued strong sales in the Fiesta regardless of its price creating up over £20,000 is a true testament to how Ford has met the needs of its customers.

ford fiesta