When you are searching for your car, it is almost like you are picking out an assistant and a friend. For your car is your vehicle into your social, work and private life. You need something that fits your needs, something small and adaptable, not overly large like a Ford or Toyota. Instead, why not look into a smaller SUV that will aid you in getting to the places you want to be. Here are some examples of small SUV’s that can fit around an active life style.

What is an SUV?

Firstly, before moving on to buy a specific brand, you may be wondering about what an SUV is and why it is so essential to maintain an active and healthy social life. An SUV stands for a Sports Utility Vehicle and they are known to be bigger and taller than a normal car upon the road.

If you want to embark on a more active life style, for instance as a rock climber or a runner, then these vehicles are fantastic for getting you to more rugged environments. With a higher roof and seating position, this can give them a better view of the road ahead. Their raised ground clearance can also assist in crossing rocky or pebbly roads or terrain. They are the perfect means of transport should you be interested in pursuing an out of city sport that requires a quick means to get you there and back again. With their heavy frame, they are the perfect shield for protecting you against bad weather, such as hail and extremely heavy rain.

The Cross-Over

For the larger corporations, the problem with the SUV came from its size. Due to the SUV being mainly a large car, it mostly attracted families who saw it as a good protector for their children in case of an accident. However, it was not useful for the solo sportsman who wanted a car to get them over a dangerous environment. This is where the Cross-Over SUV came in. It was a smaller version of the SUV, only with a smaller frame but the same metal inside. Take for instance, the Audi Q2. It is modern wmazda-cx-5ith an up-to-date social aspect to incorporate your phone into your car. It also has a lot of boot space and even makes the largest bumps on the road feel tiny under its wheels. It is perfect for the active driver who uses his car to go up the mountainous pathways and goes on the frequent road trip. However, be careful to watch out for that price tag when considering a cross over car, as some can get pricey.

Mazda CX5

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more stylish; out of the ordinary car market within a Ford or Toyota. The Mazda CX5 has a stylish and strong exterior with an interior that allows it to fly like a dream, being well equipped to take you over any rocky surface. It certainly is worth its expensive price tag if you aim to use it a lot. However, keep in mind that this car does use a lot of energy in its fuel costs, as well as emitting a great deal of CO2. It also can have a loud engine that you may not be comfortable using on a city road.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Known as one of the most popular brands within the SUV community, the Volkswagen Tiguan is a solid machine with an attractive and smart looking paint job. It has a spacious inside and is perfect for storing equipment for a hike or an activity with friends. Its highest performance is around SEL 2.0 TDI 240PS 4OTION 7spd DSG, which allows it to drive at 62 mph in around 6.5 seconds. It is a fast car and will allow you to travel from one destination to another at a quick pace, getting you from home to work to the great outdoors, in style.

Automaker Brands

If you are looking for a small car of quality material then why not consider looking into an Automaker brand? For Ferrari, their recent statistics showed that they had practically sold out of their SUVs and are selling ahead into 2019. Aston Martin and Lamborghini even had record SUV sales in 2017, with Aston Martin selling its highest number of cars since 2008. Whilst these brands have their own specific make of car, they see selling SUV’s as a challenge and are excited to begin marketing their own products in this field. For instance, Rolls-Royce, one of the oldest brand names, announced its Cullinan SUV, also known as the “Rolls-Royce of the SUV world.” These companies aim to make faster and quieter SUVs without the out-sized price tag attached. They have all been famous for their luxury cars in the past, thus it may be worth investing in them in the present.