Breakdown cover is an insurance policy that provides you with roadside assistance if your car, truck, suv, van, motorcycle, or scooter if your vehicle fails you when you need it most.

What You need To Know

When it comes to breakdown cover insurance one key detail whether to buy a policy that covers you personally or one that covers a specific vehicle.
For personal coverage there will be criteria on the types of vehicles that meet the insurance policies conditions and as long as you are the driver of one of those vehicles you are covered by the policy. This is a great option to go with in situations where you drive several vehicles throughout the year or if you are looking for extended coverage to give you piece of mind regardless of what vehicle you’re in even if only occasionally throughout the year.

For vehicle coverage the insurance applies to specific vehicles and generally you can add four vehicles per registered address. In a family situation where you have multiple drivers using the family vehicles this is a good option to go with.

What Happens If You Break Down?

Generally, using your breakdown cover insurance is straight forward, as long as you have your policy and vehicle information readily available when you need it.

The breakdown cover provider will take down your information such as where you are and what the issue is and then contact a mechanic to come out either fix the issue on spot or tow your vehicle to a garage for repair.

What Types of Breakdown Cover Is Available?

In the UK there are five main types of breakdown cover that you should consider adding to your policy depending on your driving habits.

  1. Roadside Assistance – As the name implies this provides you with roadside assistance from a mechanic. If your vehicle can’t be repaired roadside you will generally be towed to a nearby garage for repair.
  2. National Recovery – In policies where Roadside Assistance is limited to just roadside assistance National Recovery provides with coverage on the costs of towing to a nearby garage regardless of where you are in the UK.
  3. At Home Recover – This covers you if your vehicle breaks down at your home over very nearby. This is also called Home Start and can added piece of mind for scenarios where your battery dies over night or you get a flat tire from a slow leak.
  4. Onward Journey – This added coverage can cover things like a courtesy car or an overnight hotel if your vehicle can’t be fixed in a timely manner. It is there to get you through situations where your vehicle could be disabled for days.
  5. European Recovery – For those who frequent the EU regularly European Recovery lets you bring your breakdown cover on the road with you across the EU. It is important to review what parts of your policy are honoured when travelling in the EU.

How To Get A Great Price on Breakdown Cover?

The best way to get a great price on breakdown cover is to compare providers on the same features. It is important to compare apples to apples though as adding additional features can change the price quite significantly.

To get started with finding a great price on Breakdown Cover use the link below.