Most people make rash decisions when buying auto insurance. The result is always that you will only fulfill the legal requirements and not all your liabilities. That said, you need to do your homework properly.

Before you decide on the auto insurance to use, make sure that you consider these five tips.

Auto Insurance deductible

A common mistake that new car owners make while obtaining car insurance is selecting the lowest deductible available. This would necessitate other secondary premiums. That said, you should essentially raise your deductible. This move will significantly lower the cost of car insurance and you could save some bucks just in case you needed some light repairs.


Discounts are available out there in many facets of life. Car insurance providers are not left behind, they offer a variety of discounts that you can benefit from. Though rare, some insurance companies may offer a discount for buying multiple insurance policies from the same company. Some other rare discounts come from being associated with a certain entity such as a garage, university alumnus, choice of car and many more.

Most common discounts arise from adherence to certain security features such as a good driving record and car alarms. Granting insurance companies’ permission to deduct the premiums from your credit card may also grant you another form of discount. Nonetheless, insurance brokers don’t go shouting about these discounts, you need to go the extra mile and ask them yourself.


The coverage of your insurance is decided by the state you’re insured in. Unfortunately, most provinces only require liability insurance as a minimum requirement. This means the coverage is limited to death or cost of injury to anyone in an accident due to your failings. Luckily, legal fees, property damage, and the vehicle are all inclusive in the package.

Despite, the liability insurance, you may obtain some extra coverage as follows:

● Collision – This pays for repairs to your car in case of an accident, be it your fault or not. However, you may not need this coverage if your car is not brand new.
● Comprehensive – covers damage to your car in the form of fire, theft and other non-crash related accidents.

Credit Score

Your credit score determines the amount you pay for premiums since it’s a metric to weigh financial responsibility. If your credit score is not appealing, you will definitely pay higher premiums. You can increase your credit score by timely payments. This can be achieved by automatic payments through credit card deductions. These auto payments may eliminate the risk of denting your credit score through a payment default.

Age, gender, location, and type of car

Age is one determinant of how much you pay. The younger the client, the higher the pay. In matters of gender, male drivers will often pay more. Young and male drivers pay more because their risk probability is high according to most insurance companies.
The insurers will always focus on safety and protection. Therefore, you may pay higher premiums if your car has a greater probability of damaging other cars. Vehicles such as SUVs, Trucks and off-road vehicles are considered to be at a higher risk to cause damage to other road users
Some insurance companies often charge higher premiums if you live in densely populated areas as opposed to rural areas. You may also cough out some extra bucks if you live in insecure cities.

Last Lines

The basic rule you need to adhere to is never to rate an auto insurance quote by how much you need to pay. You need to play smart and realize that what your car insurance covers is more important. Why is this so? The damages or claim from an accident can make you bankrupt if you have inadequate insurance to offset the liabilities that may arise.