Tote bags are the ultimate accessory. They may not be as formal as a proper purse or backpack, but they allow us to carry many things around with ease. Here are the important to consider when buying a tote bag.

Classic tote bags

The classic tote bag is easily recognizable. Tote bags have existed for decades, and for good reason – they are, after all, very useful.

Most commonly used to carry things purchased at the supermarket or for days out at the beach, these bags never look out of place.

They are durable, cheap, and timeless. That’s why they rank as #1 best-sellers on – many people, after all, are just looking for function more than aesthetics.

Beach bags

Another mainstay, beach bags take the shape of the classic tote bags, with manufacturers making them a little bit bigger as well as adding some colour.

While essentially the same as classic tote bags – because, let’s be honest, most tote bags don’t change much in function, only in look – beach bags often come with striped designs, or with drawings on them that depict holidays.

These are naturally a bit more expensive than classic ones, as looks are paid for, but still hardly prohibitive unless you’re going for designer items.

Canvas bags

Usually bigger and bulkier than standard tote bags, canvas bags are made to be durable and allow their owners to carry around larger volumes and weights than they would with regular cotton bags.

Most commonly used when on vacation, these have been mainstays for decades – and for good reason. They’re easier to carry around than a suitcase while allowing you to pack in enough for a short stay conveniently

Since they’re made of stronger materials like canvas and sometimes contain leather parts, these are often more expensive, but also more durable and better looking than regular tote bags. Prices will vary, often depending on size, materials, and design.

Transparent tote bags

A bit of a throwback to the early 2000s, transparent tote bags are still part of the regular options in the market.

Although they have been mostly relegated to smaller kinds, and commonly used for toiletries rather than shopping, they still exist and sell quite commonly.

Shouldn’t surprise anyone, either – while transparent bags might seem ugly to some, some of us love the look and feel.

These are more expensive than classic cotton bags, of course, but not as expensive as some might think – some models being barely a pound or two more expensive than the classic option.

The only thing to keep in mind is that vinyl, being a type of plastic, is much less durable than cotton or canvas and likely to break rather than slowly degrade, giving them much shorter usable lives.

Sports tote bags

On the specialty side of things, tote bags have become commonplace among fashionistas with an interest in sports.

While some exercises, like running, require no equipment, other types of exercise do – and what better to carry your things around than an easy-access, good looking tote bag?

Sports variants are considerably in use and often are made of mesh instead of cotton. This feature allows whatever you carry to have the needed ventilation.

Designer bags

Lastly, many tote bags come in designer types – usually at a price. While these do sell constantly, there’s not a single model taking over the market, as models will vary according to your uses. Designer tote bags have earned a place in the marketplace of bags for sure.

As with everything, designer items will always be more expensive – and these bags aren’t the exception.

There is no doubt that tote bags come in different shapes, make, and sizes. If your preference is the leather tote bag, you will have enough options to choose from. Whatever material you are looking for in tote bags are largely available, and in case you can’t find the one you prefer, you can consider ordering a custom design.