Ah the handbag, such a practical and stylish accessory that works whether you are out on the town for the night or doing some weekend shopping.

With so many styles and brands to choose from here is our list of the top 5 luxury handbags for this holiday season.

1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Handbag

The Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbag is an iconic luxury handbag. It is a tote style bag with a canvas exterior and a textile interior. This bag makes our list because of its everyday functionality and durability over many year. The Neverfull name is fitting as you can just keep putting more and more into this bag to keep all your everyday use items. You can get so much in there that bottom of the bag can start to sag from the weight of the contents. In case this is an issue for you though you can buy a bottom insert to give the bottom of the bag some much needed extra support.

In terms of a luxury handbag that you can use every day the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is one of the best that has proven itself for over 12 years now. At over £1000 for a new bag though it is truly a luxury handbag.


2. Michael Kors Mercer tote

Michael Kors handbags are designed to fill a huge need in the marketplace - a stylish, decently made handbag at a price that makes it affordable to follow the trends each year.

The Mercer totes are made from pebbled full grain leather and incorporate a minimalist design that keeps it looking current year after year.

In terms of functionality the larger Mercer tote is easily able to handle your wallet, sunglasses, planner, keys, small cosmetic bag, snack, tablet, phone, and headphones. You can bring everything you need for a day out on the town in this bag.

The Mercer tote bags are available for around £300 which makes this bag an affordable option as compared to some of the other luxury handbags. While you won’t get a bag that can take beating for 10 years and keep going these bags are of decent quality and at £300 you can get a new one every couple years and catch the new trend in style or color.

If you are looking for something to pair with your Mercer tote take a look at Michael Kors leather wallets as a great choice.

3. Fendi Peekaboo Handbag

Fendi leather bags set the standard in luxury handbags. The Peekaboo handbag is one that has been around for several years and has had several periods popularity. However, when Fendi mini sized the bag this is when the latest craze began. It is amazing that a mini bag that is 6” x 4” x 2” made from plain leather and retails for over £1500 is consistently sold out and backordered.

The popularity of these bags at a price point over £2000 for many bags proves that Fendi’s commitment to masterful craftsmanship, the use of premium natural materials, and designs that set trends in the marketplace is a winning combination that many other brands try to emulate.

If you can afford a Fendi bag you won’t be disappointed. The bag will last a lifetime and will look great year after year.

4. Gucci GG Marmont Black Bag

The Gucci GG Marmont bag is a luxury leather chain shoulder bag that comes in its iconic black leather with gold chain. At a price point around £1500 this bag is competes with similar offerings from Louis Vuitton.

The black leather and gold GG logo look fantastic together and it just goes well with almost any outfit. This bag puts Gucci handbags back in the running and is a solid choice if you are looking for a smaller leather handbag.

5. Marc Jacobs Softshot 21 handbag

The Marc Jacobs Softshot 21 handbag is aimed at the handbag market at a more affordable price point of £300 to £400. These mini bags come in a variety of trendy colors to let you be as bold or as chic as you like.

These mini bags are great for holding your phone, keys and a bit of makeup to allow you to bring what you need for a night out on the town.

The trendy style and colors at a price point that puts this bag in the wheel house for many more people make this a top pick for this holiday season.